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Looking for Cloud-Based Administrative Assistants? We’d Love to Help!

But first, why are you looking for a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant?  (Check all that apply.  Be honest.)

  •   Lousy employees create way too much turmoil in your business.
  •    You have too many “bad” employees and not enough “good” employees.
  •    Your business just “limps along” because your employees suck.
  •    Your business creates too much stress for you and not enough joy.
  •    Your home life suffers because you’re at your office too much.
  •    You are sick to death of paying an employee to sit there all day to answer your telephones when all you get is 4 hours of productive work out of them.
  •    You find a great employee and she quits…leaving you high and dry.
  •    You are sick to death of babysitting employees who can’t seem to do the job you ask—no matter how much you reward or reprimand.
  •   You are tired of wasting your money on employees that never work out.
  •   Your business can’t expand without good employees in place to run your business.
  •   You are very unhappy (maybe disgusted?) with the money you get to take home from your business.
  •    You make excellent money, but you’d like to do even better.
  •    You’re concerned (maybe scared stiff) by what’s happening in the economy.  You’re unsure of the future of your business and your income.
  •    The upcoming national healthcare law makes you wish you could just close up shop—or fire all of your employees and never look back.
  •    You would rather your business was built around your life, instead of the other way around.
  •    Your business is “owner dependent”—meaning if you aren’t around to manage it, too many things go wrong—and you’re tired of “baby-sitting” your business, your employees and your staff.  You’d like more walk-away power. 
  •    You would be thrilled to do LESS work, especially LESS hard work and make MORE money.
  •   You can’t find decent in-office help.  You hire them, they work great for a few weeks (the honeymoon period) and then they get lazy.  So you suffer with mediocrity when all you really want to do is offer outstanding service to your customers.
  •   You (and/or your staff) do an outstanding “technical” job of providing quality services, but you need more of the knowledge, skills, savvy and expertise to properly manage what you do.
  •   You desperately WANT to provide outstanding service for your customers, but your service “process” has holes and items keep falling through the cracks, resulting in customer DIS-satisfaction
  •    Other________________________________

Team Double-Click® has cracked to code to dealing with the highest turnover area of your business…the administrative staff.

Team Double-Click® is a highly sought after provider of USA-based professional,cloud-based virtual administrative assistants for small and home-based businesses. What this means is that our cloud-based virtual administrative assistants work from their offices, not yours!

By working from the cloud, our staff doesn’t take up space in your office. We help to keep your office lean and avoid overhead. Cut overhead drastically with no investment in equipment or office space for your staff.

“Cloud staffing has equalized the playing field, allowing small business owners to cut costs without cutting quality in the same way that only the wealthiest multinational corporations were traditionally able to do.”  Vikas Kashik

We don’t lease your employees. We don’t contract your employees. We match you with one of our tested and trained virtual administrative assistants who bill you at per-minute rates for as much or little time as you need. Our administrative assistants work for you, from their offices, in the cloud.

We assess your needs and match you with one of our highly-skilled and Team Double-Click® trained cloud-based virtual administrative assistants. Then we help you and the virtual assistant get started so you get the most out of hiring in the cloud.

Team Double-Click® cloud-based virtual administrative assistants…
  • Can save your business up to 50% on office costs;
  • Help your business make up to 50% more money;
  • Save your business as much as 25% more time each day;
  • Allow your business to affordably hire administrative assistance;
  • Help you respond to your customers faster…without overwhelming you and your current staff.
  • One of our top-notch customer service reps will work with you to help you determine which skills you need in a cloud-based virtual administrative assistants;
  • Then we’ll match the best tested-and-approved cloud-based virtual administrative assistant to you and your business, giving you an edge in today’s economy;
  • Provide ongoing back-end support and supervision and management of the cloud-based virtual administrative assistant; you don’t have to handle hiring, firing, reviews, or reprimands.

Team Double-Click® provides comprehensive small business cloud-based virtual administrative assistant staffing solutions which include interviewing, screening, and accurately matching cloud-based virtual administrative assistants to our clients’ needs.

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, the efficient and effective business wins, and that means having people who fit your needs perfectly, right when you need them. Whether you need to staff a single office with one or two people or one hundred uniquely skilled people – Team Double-Click® has cloud-based virtual administrative assistant staffing services to help you meet your goals.Top 8 Tasks Handed Off to Cloud-based Virtual Administrative Assistants by Our Most Successful Clients:

  • Team Double-Click’s cloud-based virtual administrative assistants are trained in internet marketing and social media marketing for small business. Make more money by having your cloud-based virtual administrative assistant do your internet marketing and social media marketing for your small business.
  • Catapult revenue by having your cloud-based virtual administrative assistant perform lead follow up calls for your small business.
  • Never miss another client or lead call – task cloud-based virtual administrative assistant with customer service for your small business.
  • Grow your business with a cloud-based virtual marketing assistant.
  • Team Double-Click’s cloud-based virtual administrative assistants are also trained in inbound lead qualification. Stop turning potential clients away – your cloud-based virtual administrative assistants can perform lead qualification for your small business.
  • Need more clients? Team Double-Click’s cloud-based virtual administrative assistants have been trained in effective cold calling methods. Your cloud-based virtual administrative assistant can cold call for your small business.
  • Phones not getting answered? Your cloud-based virtual administrative assistant can answer them for you!
  • Behind on your data entry? Statistics show that cloud-based virtual administrative assistants are more efficient at data entry.

Team Double-Click’s cloud-based virtual administrative assistants can do every back office task for you, including qualifying your leads. All of those tasks that keep you stuck in the office instead of selling more. We can get you out from behind your desk and out on the streets selling more product or services.