Key to hiring Virtually: Key #1 – Communication

Key #1: Communication

By Ruthie Palmatier


If there is one thing I can never stress enough to both my clients and my cloud-based virtual administrative assistants, is that the key to the success of their working relationship is communication.  Communication is so vital to the success of the relationship that I rank it number one on my list.  Every once in a while I will hear from a client that they are frustrated or that things just aren’t working out as they had hoped.  When I start to talk to them and really dive into their situation it always boils down to one thing: communication – or more accurately, the lack of communication. 


This morning I received an email from a client who was frustrated and wanted to cancel his account.  Why?  He says that he lost his faith in having a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant.  He no longer sees the value.  “And why is that,” I asked?  In this particular case, the cloud-based virtual administrative assistant did nothing wrong.  The client was frustrated that his previous cloud-based virtual administrative assistant had been unable to continue working with him due to her personal and family issues and Mr. Client simply didn’t want to make the change.   He dug in his heels and never gave his new cloud-based virtual administrative assistant a chance.


Unfortunately, even though we have dozens of retention measures in place with our cloud-based virtual administrative assistants sometimes they still do leave us.  In fact, we recently polled our former cloud-based virtual administrative assistants to see what they were doing.  Most of those that have left us didn’t leave because they went to another staffing agency.  About 75% simply decided they didn’t want to be or were unable to be a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant any longer.  Things change in people’s lives that are beyond our control or even their control such as weddings, children, aging parents, and illness and so on.  Just as these things happen in the bricks-and-mortar world, they happen in the virtual world as well.  When that happens we all have to move on.  We locate another VA for you and you can go about incorporating her into your business.  It’s really nothing personal – cloud-based virtual administrative assistants don’t leave, generally, because they don’t like you or Team Double-Click® so don’t take it personally.


Did you know that we do more than simply match you up with a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant?  We are here to guide you through the process of getting started with a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant.  We are also here after you get started and just want to ask a question or brainstorm a new project.  We won’t leave you in the dark and abandoned. We help with the transition, coaching, training or whatever else might come up.  Around here, customer service isn’t just lip service; when we say we want happy clients, we mean it! This is something I go over in extreme detail when I talk with new clients.  So what happened for this particular client?  Who knows.  Some habits are hard to break and sometimes in the excitement of starting something new, we forget some of the other great information we learned once upon a time.  Just know that we are here for you today and tomorrow and even next year.


If you are feeling frustrated or unsure how to use your cloud-based virtual administrative assistant, please tell us.  You hired us to make your life easier so that you can have more time to focus on other areas of your business or your life.  We are serious about providing our clients and our cloud-based virtual administrative assistants with all of the support we can possibly offer.  Hold us to our word and call me today!  I look forward to talking to you.




About the author:


Gayle Buske is the co-founder, president and CEO of Team Double-Click®. As the head of a virtual staffing agency, Ms. Buske is uniquely qualified to aid small business owners in their growth and development through virtual administrative assistant outsourcing. Clients across the country look to Ms. Buske and her organization to supply quality cloud-based virtual administrative assistants.


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