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Service Agreement


TEAM DOUBLE-CLICK® and Client agree as follows:


Prior to Providing Resumes or Candidates: TEAM DOUBLE-CLICK® does not charge for its services unless you hire someone we have referred to your company for a direct placement. We will provide blind (names and contact information removed) resumes to you for your review so that you can either interview with that person or decide whom you may want to contract directly with you. The resumes you will receive will not have candidate’s phone number or address on it for confidentiality purposes and it will also be stamped confidential. We will set up the interviews for you with the candidates you are interested in on a direct placement basis. We cannot distribute any resumes until we have this service agreement signed by you.


Candidate Interview:  During this interview, the following guidelines must be followed or the call will be terminated immediately:

1)      No last names are shared;

2)      No exact locations are shared (i.e. city and state);

3)      No website addresses are shared;

4)      No email addresses are shared;

5)      No telephone numbers are shared;

6)      Only skills, pricing (the virtual assistant’s pricing), and tasks are to be shared and discussed during this call.


Placement Fees: A direct placement fee will apply if one of our workers or applicants is placed directly with your company (regardless if that person has been on a temp or temp to hire position with your company) on a full or part time basis. The placement fee will be billed and due upon acceptance of any job offer. If you hire one of our worker(s) or applicant(s) within a 12-month period from the date TEAM DOUBLE-CLICK® provides you with the prospective worker(s) or applicant(s) or resumes you must pay the current fees as agreed in this contract.  The client placement fee of $1,394.00 applies to each placement.


Payment Terms:   Invoices are due and payable upon Clients receipt.


The Client shall also pay a finance charge of 15% for all invoices that are 30 days past due and incur a late fee of $50.00.  In addition, at anytime that there are past due invoices of 5 days or more we may temporarily suspend our services until your account is up to date. The client shall be responsible for any attorneys, court or collection fees that are incurred do to non-payment. (*See attached Exhibit “A” for current prices).


Confidentiality of Resumes/Candidates: If you receive a resume that you feel would not suit your needs but would suit the needs of another community or company, please contact TEAM DOUBLE-CLICK® directly. You may not share or otherwise distribute applicants/resumes to another person or company. In addition, you may not refer the cloud-based virtual administrative assistant we have placed with you to another person or company directly.  If any of the above should occur you could be charged the current fees for placement as agreed to in this contract.


Change in ownership or Management Company: If there will be a change in ownership or management all invoices must be paid prior to the date of the new management company or owner taking over. The new owner and or Management Company or company representative will also need to sign a new service agreement with TEAM DOUBLE-CLICK® in order to continue to use our services. If the Property is up for sale and the new potential management company or owner wants to interview a temporary person we have there to either keep them on after the sale or to hire them directly you need to inform them that any interviews will have to go though TEAM DOUBLE-CLICK® and a new agreement will need to be signed with TEAM DOUBLE-CLICK® in order to continue to utilize our services or to hire any of our workers/employee’s or candidates for hire.


Hold Harmless. Client agrees to hold Team Double-Click® harmless from any and all claims that Client may have against Team Double-Click® arising out of the cloud-based virtual administrative assistant’s failure to return any client owned equipment, materials, supplies and property, including but not limited to, all client files, electronic and otherwise, provided to cloud-based virtual administrative assistant by client. Further, client agrees to hold Team Double-Click® harmless from and against any and all liability, loss, damage, cost, expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees and other costs of defense, which may be incurred by Team Double-Click®, as a result of any acts or omissions, negligent or otherwise, including those of state or federal regulations, by a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant, or relating in any way to cloud-based virtual administrative assistant’s performance or failure to perform under this Agreement.


Direct Placement Guarantees:  We offer a direct placement for clients who wish to use direct hire options.  The placement fee is a flat fee and there is a limited guarantee period for the placement of those contractors.  The fee is due upon acceptance of the job offer.  The direct placement fee must be paid if you hire someone full or part time.


Guarantee #1:  Zero Regrets Virtual Assistant Guarantee.  You will love your cloud-based virtual administrative assistant or we’ll replace her free within the first 30 days.  If within the first thirty days of placement of a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant, s/he leaves or simply doesn’t work out, just let us know and we’ll replace her at no additional charge.


Guarantee #2:  Cloud-based virtual administrative assistant professionalism guarantee.  Team Double-Click®’s cloud-based virtual administrative assistants will be prompt, professional, and deliver on-time service and work product to you and your clients.  If you find that’s not the case and would like a replacement virtual assistant, we’ll happily match you with someone else—at no additional charge.  With a wild guarantee like this, however, you will need to show proof that the previous virtual assistant was released and is no longer working for you before we can match you with someone else.


Guarantee #3:  No retainer fees and no up-front billing.  Before we offer you a virtual assistant, we will make sure that she does not charge monthly retainer fees and that her billing comes after the work has been performed—never before.  If that’s the case, you’ll never even have to meet her.


Guarantee #4:  Details, details, details.  We guarantee that our cloud-based virtual administrative assistants will pay attention to the details for your business or we’ll replace her—no additional charge.


Guarantee #5:  No Black Boxes Promise.  As I mentioned earlier, employees and contractors alike often create “black boxes” or job security by not sharing the procedures, logins, urls, etc. that they use to do their job, making it impossible for someone else to do their job if they quit or leave, making them “indispensible” and impossible to fire.  Team Double-Click® promises that if you set up your virtual office systems the way we describe, the virtual assistants we match you with will NEVER be able to create black boxes.  This is where Systemization comes in.  Your virtual assistant will need to write the procedures and how-to’s for every task you ask them to do.  Website logins, urls, what to do when you get there, etc.  Using a special (and FREE) software, she should upload these so you always have access to them.  Of course, the time to do so will be billed to you at the virtual assistant’s normal per-hour rates.  As protection for you, allowing your virtual assistant to write down and proceduralize your tasks is a requirement for the No Black Boxes Promise.  If you fail to allow your virtual assistant to write down your procedures, the No Black Boxes Promise is null and void.


Guarantee #6:  Anti-idiot Solution—The Idiot Sheet.  Idiots are out there.  We get them too.  It’s not a matter of “if” an administrative assistant or even a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant will leave; it’s a matter of “when”.  So WHEN that happens, following the set up and procedures we describe will ensure that your new cloud-based virtual administrative assistant quickly picks up where the last one left off.  Your business will never miss a beat.  Each of the tasks your virtual assistant does for you should be documented on an “Idiot Sheet”, which should be shared with you as part of our No Black Boxes Promise.  You do need to help us with this one though.  We’ll need your help, initially, during the Office Systems Audit and later if your virtual assistant has a procedural question.  If this one fails, we’re going to ask you to provide proof that you responded when the virtual assistant had questions and that you and we went through the Office Systems Audit in its entirety.


Payment to virtual assistant for work performed. Client acknowledges and agrees that in the case of a direct placement, Team Double-Click® simply matches clients with cloud-based virtual assistants. After the match has been made, Team Double-Click® assumes no further responsibility for work performed or for the relationship or longevity thereof, between client and cloud-based virtual administrative assistant. As such, it is the responsibility of the virtual assistant to bill the Client under the terms that the client and virtual administrative assistant mutually agree. Further, it is the client’s responsibility to pay virtual assistant for services rendered. Team Double-Click® accepts no responsibility to invoice client or pay virtual assistant.


Cloud-Based Virtual Administrative Assistant Termination. Client acknowledges and understands that while Team Double-Click® does its best to match client with competent cloud-based virtual administrative assistants and while it has many testing and training measures in place, contractors do, from time-to-time leave the company they contract to or are released by you due to an inability or unwillingness to follow their contractual obligations with the client. In the event of a cloud-based virtual administrative assistant departure or termination by client, client understands and agrees that Team Double-Click® is in no way responsible for the cloud-based virtual administrative assistant’s work performance, reprimanding for lack of performance, or the cloud-based virtual administrative assistant’s longevity with client’s company 30 days after the placement has been made.


Client’s Exclusive Remedy. In the event of any breach of the terms of this Agreement by Team Double-Click®, Client’s damages shall be limited to the amounts paid to Team Double-Click® hereunder for the cost of each placement.


General Provisions.


A. This Agreement, together with Exhibit A, constitutes the entire Agreement between the parties as to its subject matter.


B. This Agreement shall not be modified, altered, changed or amended in any respect unless in writing and signed by both parties.


C. This Agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of Team Double-Click® and its assigns, legal representatives, heirs or successors. Client shall have the right to assign this Agreement or its obligations hereunder with the prior written consent of Team Double-Click®.


D. Failure of Team Double-Click® to enforce any provision of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of rights on subsequent breaches.


E. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Colorado, County of Ouray. In the event of a dispute hereunder, the parties acknowledge and agree that the venue and jurisdiction of the state and federal courts of the State of Colorado are proper, but not exclusive.


Exhibit A: Pricing: All prices are listed in US Dollars.


Direct placement fee:  $1,394.00 (one-thousand three hundred and ninety four dollars) per placement.