Work From Home!

Work From Home

Unfortunately, we don’t have any remote positions available at this time.  BUT-there are so many quality people, just like you, who are seeking work from home that we are unable to keep up with the demand.  Our founder and CEO, Gayle Buske, has developed a coaching program.  Coach Gayle is showing folks like you how to set up a virtual assisting empire just like hers.  It is the best way possible for us to continue sharing our knowledge and resources with you!

Check out Coach Gayle’s program here!

I want to ask you…

Why are you looking to work from home?  (Check all that apply.  Be honest.)

  •   If you go out and get a 9-5 job, you’ll NEVER see your kids or spouse.
  •   You’re getting behind on everything:  car repairs, home repairs, doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, eye exams—all due to a lack of money.
  •    Your job or your current business creates too much stress for you and not enough joy.
  •    You need more time at home with your younger children, ailing parents, or special needs kids.
  •    You would LOVE to have your own at-home business but you have no idea how to bring in clients and make money.
  •    You’re sick to death of the goopy makeup and acai berry scams.  And you’re even more sick of inviting all your friends and relatives over to you can peddle the crap to them at a “home party”.
  •    Your home life suffers because you’re at your J-O-B too much.
  •    You got out of the 9-5 workforce to raise your kids but still need the income it provided.
  •    You were “downsized” because of the stinky economy but your family is struggling to live on unemployment or a single income.
  •    When you left the corporate world, you let your skills slide and now you don’t know where to begin or what’s needed in today’s business world.
  •    There aren’t any jobs out there!
  •   You are tired of wasting your money on empty promises, scams and “home-based business opportunities” that don’t work.
  •   The home-based opportunities you do find lack ongoing support, don’t tell you how to get clients in the door, and are full of the same old worn-out ideas.
  •   You are unable to find REAL work-from-home opportunities.
  •   You are very unhappy (maybe disgusted?) with the money you get to take home from your home-based business.
  •    You make excellent money, but you’d like to do even better.
  •    You’re concerned (maybe scared stiff) by what’s happening in the economy.  You’re unsure of the future of your family and your income.
  •    You would rather your business was built around your life, instead of the other way around.
  •    Your business is “owner dependent”—meaning if you aren’t around to manage it, too many things go wrong—and you’re tired of “baby-sitting” your business, your employees and your staff.  You’d like more walk-away power.
  •    You are worried about competition from other cloud-based virtual assistants.
  •    You are already in the virtual assistant business but no one out there can tell you how in the world to land clients.  They tell you how to set up a business but not how to get business.  What you really want to know is how to get clients in the door!
  •    You would be thrilled to do LESS work, especially LESS hard work and make MORE money.
  •    You detest “cheapest price competition” and would prefer to promote your services differently.
  •   You (and/or your staff) do an outstanding “technical” job of providing quality services, but you need more of the knowledge, skills, savvy and expertise to properly market and manage what you do.
  •   You desperately WANT to provide outstanding service for your customers, but your service “process” has holes and items keep falling through the cracks, resulting in customer DIS-satisfaction
  •    Other_________________________________________________

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, rest easy because you are not alone.  These problems plague most people looking for work-from-home. Check out Coach Gayle’s program and  you are going to discover the answers.